Viva Las Vegas: The ultimate three-day itinerary

How to spend three days in Las Vegas Stacey Tokunaga.

Not everyone has the luxury of going on vacation for a whole year, a month, or even a week. To many, a long weekend is as long as it gets. But with the right planning, destination, and mindset, three days are all you need. And one of the best places to visit within a three-day limit are places which are self-contained and filled with sights, sounds, and activities, a place like Las Vegas. Here’s the ultimate three-day itinerary if you’re planning on visiting Las Vegas. Stacey Tokunaga.

Day 1
As much as possible, try to arrive early in the morning. Regardless if you’re coming from McCarran Airport or North Las Vegas Airport, or if you’re alighting from the Las Vegas Bus Station, try to come as early as possible to have the rest of the morning for activities. And since you’ll be traveling light, you can head to the Welcome to Las Vegas signage for the obligatory Las Vegas photo op. The earlier you can arrive, the less people there will be in line waiting to have their photos taken. After that, you can check in at your desired accommodation and resume activities in the afternoon. Stacey Tokunaga.

If you are staying in one of the many hotels that also has its own casino, the first day wouldn’t be such a bad time to visit the gambling tables and the slot machines in the casino. If you plan on hitting the craps table or play some poker, it is suggested to have an exact gambling limit as to avoid losing what’s left of your vacation money over a bad hand. Cap the day by watching one of the many shows Vegas has to offer. Stacey Tokunaga.

Day 2
After breakfast, put on sunscreen as it’s time to hit the strip and see all those landmarks. From the Las Vegas Strip, you’ve got places like The Mandalay Bay, MGM Grand, Caesar’s Palace, The Bellagio, Imperial Palace, Circus Circus, and the Stratosphere. Besides the strip, there’s also the Fremont Street Experience. It’s quite difficult to gauge how much time you will need to see these places given that you can stop at any establishment and see what’s inside. And no, the police won’t stop you. Stacey Tokunaga.

If you can end the sightseeing trip before the sun sets, return to your hotel for cocktails along the poolside. If you still have the energy, head on out and see any other destination you failed to see in the afternoon. In fact, why not see the same places? But this time, under the backdrop of neon lights Las Vegas is known for. Stacey Tokunaga.

Day 3
Wake up late on your third and last day. You’re not in a hurry to pack a ton of luggage nor are you pressed for time. Enjoy the luxuries of your room before getting breakfast and checking out. Depending on the time of your flight, you could still see more laidback attractions. Maybe go back to the Las Vegas signage one more time before calling a cab to the airport. Stacey Tokunaga.

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3 Days in Vegas: The Perfect Las Vegas Itinerary

Las Vegas Itinerary 3 Days – Best 3 days in Las Vegas

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