Budget travel tips for Las Vegas

Las Vegas is known for entertainment, gambling, and the luxurious lifestyle. People often say you can’t go to Vegas unless you are willing to shell out serious cash. However, that’s not always the case. Budget conscious travelers will always find ways to shave a few dollars off the daily budget or seek better deals to fit their budget. If you are planning on going to Las Vegas but aren’t keen on burning a hole through your pockets, here are some budget travel tips you can follow. Stacey Tokunaga.

Stick to slot machines
If to gamble is part of your itinerary, it’s best if you just stick with slot machines rather than going head to head with other players in poker tables or other games. With slot machines, you know exactly how much you’ll spend and are able to control how much you can lose. Stacey Tokunaga.
Emotions don’t run high and there are less chances of spiraling out of control just because you almost won a round of poker, or you want to earn what you lost in roulette. In certain casinos, waitresses even hand out free drinks to slot machine players to keep them from leaving. So that’s also a plus when sticking to slot machines. Stacey Tokunaga.

Hostels and AirBnB
Young travelers can simply book accommodation at a hostel. Bunk beds can go as low as $20 and you would have almost the same amenities as a mid-tier hotel. The security is always good, you’d have lockers for your belongings, and you are sure to meet budget-conscious travelers as well. If a hostel isn’t your style, there are a lot of affordable AirBnBs in the area as well. Stacey Tokunaga

Walk or take the bus
Nothing makes a trip cheaper than walking instead of taking cabs. But depending on the weather and the temperature, this might not be the most viable option. To beat the heat, you could plan seeing some of the sights at night. But if walking isn’t your thing, there are buses making their rounds within the city of Las Vegas, and most of them include the main strip in their route. Stacey Tokunaga.

Hunt for value buffet
Aside from accommodation, dining is also one of the most contested items in any itinerary. Travelers can’t always have the best mileage for their money in every new location they go to and Vegas isn’t an exception. What is unique about Las Vegas is that there are a lot of establishments that serve their food buffet style, like places within the vicinity of a gambling floor. Ordering takes time, time people can spend sitting on a poker table. Or at least that’s what casino owners think. Given this information, try to scout buffet places where you can get your fill of great food and feel the casino ambience at the same time. Stacey Tokunaga

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