Budget travel tips for Las Vegas

Las Vegas is known for entertainment, gambling, and the luxurious lifestyle. People often say you can’t go to Vegas unless you are willing to shell out serious cash. However, that’s not always the case. Budget conscious travelers will always find ways to shave a few dollars off the daily budget or seek better deals to fit their budget. If you are planning on going to Las Vegas but aren’t keen on burning a hole through your pockets, here are some budget travel tips you can follow. Stacey Tokunaga.

Stick to slot machines
If to gamble is part of your itinerary, it’s best if you just stick with slot machines rather than going head to head with other players in poker tables or other games. With slot machines, you know exactly how much you’ll spend and are able to control how much you can lose. Stacey Tokunaga.
Emotions don’t run high and there are less chances of spiraling out of control just because you almost won a round of poker, or you want to earn what you lost in roulette. In certain casinos, waitresses even hand out free drinks to slot machine players to keep them from leaving. So that’s also a plus when sticking to slot machines. Stacey Tokunaga.

Hostels and AirBnB
Young travelers can simply book accommodation at a hostel. Bunk beds can go as low as $20 and you would have almost the same amenities as a mid-tier hotel. The security is always good, you’d have lockers for your belongings, and you are sure to meet budget-conscious travelers as well. If a hostel isn’t your style, there are a lot of affordable AirBnBs in the area as well. Stacey Tokunaga

Walk or take the bus
Nothing makes a trip cheaper than walking instead of taking cabs. But depending on the weather and the temperature, this might not be the most viable option. To beat the heat, you could plan seeing some of the sights at night. But if walking isn’t your thing, there are buses making their rounds within the city of Las Vegas, and most of them include the main strip in their route. Stacey Tokunaga.

Hunt for value buffet
Aside from accommodation, dining is also one of the most contested items in any itinerary. Travelers can’t always have the best mileage for their money in every new location they go to and Vegas isn’t an exception. What is unique about Las Vegas is that there are a lot of establishments that serve their food buffet style, like places within the vicinity of a gambling floor. Ordering takes time, time people can spend sitting on a poker table. Or at least that’s what casino owners think. Given this information, try to scout buffet places where you can get your fill of great food and feel the casino ambience at the same time. Stacey Tokunaga

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When should you visit Las Vegas?

When to visit Las VegasStacey Tokunaga

There are a lot of things to consider when making travel plans. There’s accommodation, budget, what to bring, who else will be going, and what places to go to in the said travel destination. An important aspect of travel planning is, of course, the date. Knowing when the best time to go is necessary, just as much as knowing what to expect. For example, if a destination’s peak season is during the summer, prices of airline tickets as well as accommodations will skyrocket. Stacey Tokunaga.

First of all, there is always a reason to visit Las Vegas, regardless of the season. Vegas will always have entertaining shows, great parties, and tourist spots that never close, except during certain holidays. However, going in the off season could mean missing all the hype. Every experience in destinations such as Las Vegas can change depending on the time you visit. Stacey Tokunaga.

Vegas Weather
It is common knowledge that Las Vegas has a dry dessert climate, which translates to scorching temperatures during the summer. In the summer heat, temperatures can go up to 105 degrees Fahrenheit so it could be taxing to be walking around. But during spring or in the fall, the temperature averages between about 69 degrees to 82 degrees. Rain is also quite uncommon so leave your raincoats. Just bring an umbrella for the sun. Stacey Tokunaga.

Peak season
As mentioned, Las Vegas is a year-round destination. However, December and January are considered the peak season, especially during Christmas and New Year’s Day. During this time, the weather is great, people can stay for longer, and establishments often have holiday gimmicks to offer their patrons. Stacey Tokunaga.

Key Months in Las Vegas
While December is known for giving folks plenty of time off from work, January ushers in a new set of visitors. From the second week of January onwards, several hotel venues are booked by companies around the country as Las Vegas is often a go-to for conventions like sales conferences and product launches. Stacey Tokunaga.

March is often regarded as March Madness, thanks to the draw of NCAA fans. But in Vegas, March means an influx of younger guests out to celebrate spring break. Resorts will often host amazing happy-hour specials for guests and the parties come alive. Stacey Tokunaga.

July is considered the hottest month to visit Las Vegas. And, in turn, several establishments push great deals to entice people to bear the heat. This makes summer time a good time to visit if you are looking for the best value for your money. You can also catch the NBA’s Summer League which comes to Las Vegas every year.

October is when the prices start to ramp up. This month is especially filled with family holidays like Thanksgiving and Halloween. It’s also considered convention season once again in Las Vegas, so expect a big crowd. Also, if you are planning on relaxing by the hotel pool, most are closed during this month as the temperatures begin to drop. Stacey Tokunaga.

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Viva Las Vegas: The ultimate three-day itinerary

How to spend three days in Las Vegas Stacey Tokunaga.

Not everyone has the luxury of going on vacation for a whole year, a month, or even a week. To many, a long weekend is as long as it gets. But with the right planning, destination, and mindset, three days are all you need. And one of the best places to visit within a three-day limit are places which are self-contained and filled with sights, sounds, and activities, a place like Las Vegas. Here’s the ultimate three-day itinerary if you’re planning on visiting Las Vegas. Stacey Tokunaga.

Day 1
As much as possible, try to arrive early in the morning. Regardless if you’re coming from McCarran Airport or North Las Vegas Airport, or if you’re alighting from the Las Vegas Bus Station, try to come as early as possible to have the rest of the morning for activities. And since you’ll be traveling light, you can head to the Welcome to Las Vegas signage for the obligatory Las Vegas photo op. The earlier you can arrive, the less people there will be in line waiting to have their photos taken. After that, you can check in at your desired accommodation and resume activities in the afternoon. Stacey Tokunaga.

If you are staying in one of the many hotels that also has its own casino, the first day wouldn’t be such a bad time to visit the gambling tables and the slot machines in the casino. If you plan on hitting the craps table or play some poker, it is suggested to have an exact gambling limit as to avoid losing what’s left of your vacation money over a bad hand. Cap the day by watching one of the many shows Vegas has to offer. Stacey Tokunaga.

Day 2
After breakfast, put on sunscreen as it’s time to hit the strip and see all those landmarks. From the Las Vegas Strip, you’ve got places like The Mandalay Bay, MGM Grand, Caesar’s Palace, The Bellagio, Imperial Palace, Circus Circus, and the Stratosphere. Besides the strip, there’s also the Fremont Street Experience. It’s quite difficult to gauge how much time you will need to see these places given that you can stop at any establishment and see what’s inside. And no, the police won’t stop you. Stacey Tokunaga.

If you can end the sightseeing trip before the sun sets, return to your hotel for cocktails along the poolside. If you still have the energy, head on out and see any other destination you failed to see in the afternoon. In fact, why not see the same places? But this time, under the backdrop of neon lights Las Vegas is known for. Stacey Tokunaga.

Day 3
Wake up late on your third and last day. You’re not in a hurry to pack a ton of luggage nor are you pressed for time. Enjoy the luxuries of your room before getting breakfast and checking out. Depending on the time of your flight, you could still see more laidback attractions. Maybe go back to the Las Vegas signage one more time before calling a cab to the airport. Stacey Tokunaga.

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Family-friendly activities to do in Las Vegas

Las Vegas activities for the family Stacey Tokunaga

Las Vegas is often described as a destination for adults, thanks to casinos, parties, and entertainment with adult content. However, this doesn’t mean that families can’t visit the most entertaining capital of America. In fact, there are a lot of things to do in Las Vegas that’s suitable for young children. And with a variety to choose from, visiting families can enjoy different attractions during their short stay in Las Vegas. Here are some family-friendly activities you can do in Las Vegas. Stacey Tokunaga

Theme park rides
There’s nothing quite as exhilarating as theme park rides like roller coasters. If you’ve done Orlando, then there’s no harm in enjoying the rides at Adventuredome Theme Park. This five-acre indoor theme park is complete with rides, games, arcades, mini golf, as well as its own 4D movie adventure. It may not be what people go to in Vegas, but that only means having less people to wait in line with. Stacey Tokunaga.

Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Garden
Like theme parks, nature is something that a guest wouldn’t expect seeing in Las Vegas. But to contrast all the neon lights and the tall glass buildings, the Bellagio Hotel has its very own Conservatory and Botanical Garden arranged by 120 professional horticulturists. For a moment, you might even forget that you’re in Las Vegas, of all places. Entrance to the Conservatory and Botanical Garden is free, which gives families another reason to come see the sights. Stacey Tokunaga.

Mandalay Bay Shark Reef Aquarium
By this point, anything is possible in Las Vegas, including a 1.3-million-gallon shark tank featuring over 100 sharks, as well as other majestic aquatic predators. Mandalay Bay Shark Reef Aquarium has all the watery blue you’ll ever need in a vacation. Wondrous, informative, and unique, this attraction is open for kids of all ages, and adults who want to feel like kids once more. Stacey Tokunaga.

Ride Gondolas at The Venetian
The imitation Eiffel Tower isn’t the only great thing that Las Vegas has duplicated. In the heart of The Venetian lies a Venice-like quarter that’s complete with posh shops, bridges, and canals with gondolas you and the family can ride. It may not be the real Venice, but the experience is just as amazing. Stacey Tokunaga.

Madame Tussauds
Meeting celebrities can be a once-in-a-lifetime moment that a lot of us may never have. What’s great about Vegas is that celebrities, athletes, as well as entertainers who have performed here in the past have their own life-like wax figures, located at Madame Tussauds. And it’s not just wax figures. Some displays also have props guests can play with to interact with the figure. Have a dance-off with Michael Jackson, grab a mic and show Elvis how it’s done, wear a glove and pose against Muhammad Ali, or even don Evel Knievel’s cape and ride his motorbike. How much fun you can have is only limited by your imagination. Stacey Tokunaga.

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